Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn

Professor Emeritus, Informatics and Computing

Professor Emeritus, Philosophy


  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1966

Research interests

Non-classical logics, especially relevance logic

Formal, especially algebraic, semantics

Automated reasoning

Philosophy of language

Philosophy of mind

Professional Experience

  • Research Fulbright to The Australian National University Institute for Advanced Studies, 1975
  • Senior Visitor, Oxford Mathematical Institute, 1978
  • Distinguished Visitor, University of Melbourne, 1983
  • Fellow, American Council of Learned Societies, 1984
  • Editor, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 1982­88
  • Editor, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 1987-present
  • President, Society for Exact Philosophy, 1988-90

Representative publications

Entailment. The Logic of Relevance and Necessity, Vol. II (1992)
Alan Ross Anderson, Nuel D Belnap Jr and J Michael Dunn
Princeton University Press, Princeton.

Relevance logic and entailment (1986)
J Michael Dunn
Springer, Dordrecht. 117-224

Intuitive semantics for first-degree entailments and ‘coupled trees’ (1976)
J Michael Dunn
Philosophical studies, 29 (3), 149-168

Algebraic methods in philosophical logic (2001)
J Michael Dunn and Gary Hardegree

Relevance logic (2002)
J Michael Dunn and Greg Restall
Springer, Dordrecht. 1-128

The Algebra of Intensional Logics (1970)
Jon Michael Dunn

DNA sequence and analysis of human chromosome 9 (2004)
SJ Humphray, K Oliver, AR Hunt, RW Plumb, JE Loveland, KL Howe ...
Nature, 429 (6990), 369

Gaggle theory: an abstraction of Galois connections and residuation, with applications to negation, implication, and various logical operators (1990)
J Michael Dunn
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. 31-51

Positive modal logic (1995)
J Michael Dunn
Studia Logica, 55 (2), 301-317

The substitution interpretation of the quantifiers (1968)
J Michael Dunn and Nuel D Belnap
Nous, 177-185

Star and perp: Two treatments of negation (1993)
J Michael Dunn
Philosophical perspectives, 7 331-357

Canonical extensions and relational completeness of some substructural logics (2005)
J Michael Dunn, Mai Gehrke and Alessandra Palmigiano
The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 70 (3), 713-740

Partiality and its dual (2000)
J Michael Dunn
Studia Logica, 66 (1), May-40

Kripke models for linear logic (1993)
Gerard Allwein and J Michael Dunn
The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 58 (2), 514-545

Algebraic completeness results for R-mingle and its extensions (1970)
J Michael Dunn
The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 35 (1), 13-Jan

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Chalmers, David Toward a Theory of Consciousness (May 1993) Hofstadter, D. (Co-Chair), Dunn, J. (Co-Chair), van Gelder, T., Goldstone, R.
Chemero, A. P. How to Be an Anti-Representationalist (April 1999) Smith, B. C., Port, R. F. (Co-Chair), Dunn, J. M., Millikan, R. G., Gelder T. J. (Co-Chair)
Chui, M. I still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: Web Searching As Query Refinement (January 2002) Dillon, A. (Co-Chair), Leake, D. B. (Co-Chair), Dunn, J. M., Peebles, C. S.
Yu-Houng Houng Classicism, Connectionism, And the Concept of Level (May 1991) Dunn, J. M. (Chair), Castaneda, H., Eisenberg, P., Cochiarella, N., Gasser, M., Gelder, T. V.