Chen Yu

Chen Yu

Adjunct Professor, Cognitive Science

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences


  • Ph.D. 2004 University of Rochester, Computer Science

Research interests

My research focuses on understanding human development and learning through both empirical studies and computational models with the hope to get a more complete picture. I am particularly interested in how language is grounded in sensorimotor experience and how language development depends on complex interactions among brain, body and environment. Based on computational models of human language acquisition and findings from empirical studies, my passion is to build anthropomorphic machines that learn and use language in human-like ways.

Representative publications

Infants rapidly learn word-referent mappings via cross-situational statistics (2008)
Linda Smith and Chen Yu
Cognition, 106 (3), 1558-1568

Rapid word learning under uncertainty via cross-situational statistics (2007)
Chen Yu and Linda B Smith
Psychological Science, 18 (5), 414

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Chen Yu and Linda B Smith
Cognition, 125 (2), 244-262

The role of embodied intention in early lexical acquisition (2005)
Chen Yu, Dana H Ballard and Richard N Aslin
Cognitive Science, 29 (6), 961-1005

A unified model of early word learning: Integrating statistical and social cues (2007)
Chen Yu and Dana H Ballard
Neurocomputing, 70 (13-15), 2149-2165

A multimodal learning interface for grounding spoken language in sensory perceptions (2004)
Chen Yu and Dana H Ballard
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Joint attention without gaze following: Human infants and their parents coordinate visual attention to objects through eye-hand coordination (2013)
Chen Yu and Linda B Smith
PloS one, 8 (11), e79659

Not your mother’s view: The dynamics of toddler visual experience (2011)
Linda B Smith, Chen Yu and Alfredo F Pereira
Developmental science, 14 (1), 17-Sep

Lending a hand: Detecting hands and recognizing activities in complex egocentric interactions (2015)
Sven Bambach, Stefan Lee, David J Crandall and Chen Yu

What you learn is what you see: using eye movements to study infant cross‐situational word learning (2011)
Chen Yu and Linda B Smith
Developmental Science, 14 (2), 165-180

A bottom-up view of toddler word learning (2014)
Alfredo F Pereira, Linda B Smith and Chen Yu
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Modeling Cross-Situational Word-Referent Learning: Prior Questions (2012)
Chen Yu and Linda Smith
Psychological Review, 119 (1), 21-39

Detecting user engagement in everyday conversations (2004)
Chen Yu, Paul M Aoki and Allison Woodruff
arXiv preprint cs/0410027,

On the integration of grounding language and learning objects (2004)
Chen Yu and Dana H Ballard
AAAI, 4 488-493

Statistical word learning at scale: The baby's view is better (2013)
Daniel Yurovsky, Linda B Smith and Chen Yu
Developmental science, 16 (6), 959-966

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