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The Student Organization for Cognitive Science (SOCS) is a fun way to participate in stimulating cognitive science-related activities with great people. Activities include weekly discussions about relevant and interesting topics, dinners with esteemed IU professors, lab tours, movie nights, and guest lectures (with, of course, plenty of food at each event).

2013-14 SOCS regular meetings are Mondays 6-7:30pm in Psychology 228. Changes and cancellations are announced via SOCS Listserve announcements.

Contact SOCS at

Please visit for more information.

2013-14 SOCS Officers
Fred Diego, Co-President
My name is Fred Diego. I originally intended to major in Neuroscience until the fateful day I heard about cognitive science. I am pursuing a dual degree in Cognitive Science and Computer Science. Becoming familiar with Cognitive Science at IU has been one of the most enriching experiences of my academic life. The cognitive science community at IU is full of brilliant people and provides an endless stream of related work from a variety of different disciplines which makes studying Cognitive Science at IU one of the most multidisciplinary and engaging experiences an undergraduate can partake in. My long term goals lie at the intersection of Cognitive Science and Educational Technology with a splash of Human-Computer Interaction for flavor.

Sangeeth Jeevan, Co-President
Hi, my name is Sango, a rising IU Senior and Co-President of SOCS. I'm majoring in Neuroscience, but if I had to do it all over again, I'd choose Cognitive Science in a heartbeat! I love to learn and understand the Mind, and the interdisciplinary nature CogSci allows me to approach the mind from all sorts of perspectives, whether it'd be through neurobiology, philosophy, or artificial intelligence and computer science! My long term is to attend grad school and further investigate the mind through the Mind and Life Institute, a research organization created by HH the Dalai Lama.

Chris Bays, Treasurer
My name is Chris and I am the Treasurer for SOCS. I stumbled across the field of CogSci in the 10th grade whenever I was reading research on dolphin cognition. I have always had an interest in animal cognition but when I decided to become a CogSci major at IU my interests quickly broadened. The interdisciplinary approach to intelligence allows you to explore so many fields including mathematics, computer science, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, etc. etc. I found it very rewarding to dip my toes into all of these fields in an attempt to understand the infamous black box. I am a double major student also studying Biotechnology and have recently decided I would like to apply to med schools. Ultimately I would like to become a research-physician but CogSci will always be close to my heart.

Sarah Whaley, Administrative Manager
Hi, my name is Sarah and I love SOCS (and Cognitive Science)! This year I am a sophomore at IU and I am double majoring in Journalism and Cognitive Science. I've never heard of anyone else combining those two majors before, but to me it makes so much sense; to be able to communicate with people AND understand why they think the way they do and make the decisions that they do. It is not surprising, therefore, that my favorite thing about SOCS is that anyone can come and give their input to the discussions! SOCS gives people from all areas of interest a forum in which to discuss their findings and pose their questions--questions ranging anywhere from "Why are pop songs popular?" to "When and why will the singularity occur?" My dream is to one day use my writing skills to bridge the language gap between scientists and...well, everyone else. Because frankly science (particularly Cognitive Science) is just too cool not to share!

Let the 2013/2014 games begin: the SOCS callout meeting on September 5th, 2013, was a great turnout. We had everything we wanted: food for thought (a book to win in our famous M&M game) , entertainment (piano), and food for our physical bodies (pizza and cookies).