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The Student Organization for Cognitive Science (SOCS) is a fun way to participate in stimulating cognitive science-related activities with great people. Activities include weekly discussions about relevant and interesting topics, dinners with esteemed IU professors, lab tours, movie nights, and guest lectures (with, of course, plenty of food at each event).

Fall 2018 meetings: Tuesdays, 6pm, PSY128

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Please visit for more information.

We also have a new Facebook page! Check us out at!

2017-18 SOCS Officers
  • Mac Vogelsang, President
    Hi, my name is Mac. I am a junior studying cognitive science, computer science, and math. These three fields blend together so well that all my classes and research projects perfectly complement each other and it makes my work so much more enjoyable. I currently research fingerprinting (which is forensics) using mathematical modeling and computational deep-learning techniques with Dr. Tom Busey in a cognitive science lab. Among all these areas of interest, it's hard to pick a favorite, but in terms of community and a sense of "connectedness", the cognitive science program is unmatched (which is fitting since we study networks). SOCS is a great way build this network and hook undergraduates, regardless of if they are majors, on the wide variety of topics studied in cognitive science. This will be my third year in SOCS and I look forward to our plans for this year and making the SOCS and cognitive science community better than ever.
  • Keiland Cooper, Co-President
    Hello! My name is Keiland Cooper, and I am a Junior studying Cognitive science, Neuroscience, and Computer science. I've been passionate about what our brains can do since I first saw a picture of it in a medical textbook when I was young, and have been hooked ever since. Today, I study the neural circuitry of memory by functionally imaging populations of 200+ neurons in the mouse brain. Within the last few years, I have taken a more serious interest in computation as well, and the relationship between how our brains do what they do, and how computers accomplish their tasks. I've also taken an interest in philosophy recently. When I have free time, I'm either playing guitar, snowboarding, hiking/camping, or typing something on my laptop (probably code or an essay). I plan to go to graduate school after uni, and would like to work on cognitive brain-machine interfaces. For more information about me, stop by my website at
  • Devika Davda, Outreach Coordinator
    Hi guys! I'm Devika Davda, I'm a junior studying Cognitive Science, Neuroscience and Psychology. I made the decision of being a cognitive science major after talking with a professor and understanding the vast topics that it covers, and why being a cognitive scientist equips you for knowing everything (or a great deal) about everything. Until now, I have studied Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology, Computer Science and logic – not to mention some classes like economics in the food industry, to Greek culture too! (Believe it or not, it plays a part in how your brain functions) It's fascinating to see how the brain rises from various factors that influence it, shape it, curate it and build it to become the greatest phenomenon in the universe. My hope is to decode the mysteries of the mind, study behavior and intelligence. Join me, and our other wonderful officers by learning about the brain, and the amazing things it's capable of.
  • Bryce Cousins, Treasurer
    Hello! I'm Bryce, a junior studying Astronomy and Neuroscience with an interest in cognitive science. I'm not formally in IU's Cognitive Science program, but I've long been interested in cognition and neuroscience, and found that SOCS is a great way to learn and think further about these ideas. I've also been exposed to these topics by working in Dr. Ehren Newman's learning and memory research lab since my freshman year, and plan to continue exploring neuroscience at IU and during graduate school. Outside of cognitive/neuroscience, I'm a member of IUJUR, Astronomy club, and HonorVol, and plan to do astronomy research before graduating. I'm excited to serve as the SOCS treasurer this year, and am looking forward to helping structure and improve the club!

SOCS Photos

  • 2017/2018 SOCS Callout Meeting and Pizza.

  • Big thanks to our alum Winter Mason, PhD'2009, currently at Facebook, for a great talk with our COGS students about his amazing work experience.
  • Big thanks SOCS and Dr. Peter Todd and Dr. Josh Brown, and Saptarshi Sinha with his robot- pets for helping to make the Major Expo a great event this year!.
  • On April 5th, 2016, SOCS participants listen to Dr. Thomas Schoenemann’s presentation on primate brains and using of tools. Professor Schoenemann’s research focuses on coevolution of the brain and behavior.
  • Several SOCS members brought “I Am a Strange Loop” book to sign by the author, Dr. Hofstadter to dinner on April12, 2016. Dr. Hofstadter talked about word analogies and caricature analogies and how we create them. He signed the books each with a unique “doodle”, to prove that humans are never identical in their creativity.