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The Student Organization for Cognitive Science (SOCS) is a fun way to participate in stimulating cognitive science-related activities with great people. Activities include weekly discussions about relevant and interesting topics, dinners with esteemed IU professors, lab tours, movie nights, and guest lectures (with, of course, plenty of food at each event).

2014-15 SOCS regular meetings are Thursdays at 7pm. in Psychology 230. Changes and cancellations are announced via SOCS Listserve announcements.

Contact SOCS at

Please visit for more information.

2014-15 SOCS Officers
Alina Rahman,President
Hi, my name is Alina. This year I'm the president of SOCS. I am a senior majoring in Cognitive Science with a focus in Cognition. My passion for Cognitive Science originally stemmed from my interest in cultural Anthropology. I consider myself a "third-culture kid" because I grew up in several different countries around the globe. This fostered my curiosity toward human behavior which led to my interest in Cognition. With a degree in Cognitive Science, I hope to further investigate human mind and the forces that drive us as species, to evolve in the way that we have been, and will keep evolving. Additionally, I consider Cognitive Science to be the appropriate holistic and interdisciplinary approach to researching and understanding human beings. I am looking forward to discussing these and other topics with you in SOCS meetings!

Joyce Uland, Treasurer
I am a junior in the Cognitive Science program with minors in Psychology and Sociology. While not currently partaking in undergraduate research, I hope to join a lab where I can explore the social cognitive and social psychological sides of cognitive science. You'll often find me delivering a slab of sociological inquiry to a cognitive science debate, so I decided to pursue this inherent interest. Many years from now, I wish to effect educational reform by instituting scientific discoveries concerning the nature of human learning and educational practices.

Lukas Whited, Secretary
Hello all. My name is Lukas Whited. I'm a senior studying Psychology, and this year, I will be the Secretary in SOCS. I first found out about SOCS my Sophomore year here at Indiana University, and after my first meeting, I was hooked. The topics are always interesting, and the students. professors, and professionals we meet are informative and entertaining. Also, I find that the members in the club are brilliant and I've learned so much from them over the years. My general interests right now are in philosophy (previous Minor in subject), martial arts (I am also in the IU Tae Kwon Do Club), and video games (mostly RPGs). In the realms of brain sciences, I have interests in social behavior, personality and individual differences, and human memory. What I love about SOCS is the diverse subject material we cover throughout the year; there seems to be something for everyone no matter what background he/she comes from. Feel free to add anything to the conversation. I'll see you there.