Fourteenth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference


Mammoth Lakes is replete with many restaurants, but given the lateness of the conference talks, the availability of the hotel restaurant, and the many factors favoring a group dining experience, we recommend taking advantage of the package rates including breakfast and dinner. We are planning to have buffet style meals with a variety of choices including vegetarian options and entrees. The registration fee will pay for the food and drink at the opening reception, and at the session breaks. Alcoholic drinks will be charged to the individual attendees.

Breakfasts will begin at ??? and end at ???. Each day after the opening day the conference will begin with light snacks and liquid refreshments at about 3:45-4:15, followed by talks, and a 15 minute break with more drinks about midway through the session (about 6:00). The first day of the conference (Friday, July 10) will have a reception starting at 3:15 at which we will provide name tags, information, schedules and have a variety of snacks and drinks. Dinner will follow directly after the sessions, approximately at 8:15.