Thirteenth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

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Moab Valley Inn, Moab Utah

For maps of the Moab area, see:

NOTE: Those attendees with time to do so would be advised to consider flying to Las Vegas and renting a car, driving to Moab using the southern approach, via the Grand Canyon (and other sites on the same route) and returning from Moab using the northern routing, via Zion and Bryce Canyon (and other sites en route).




The main airports giving access to Moab vary in distance:

Most attendees will fly to one of these and rent a car, partly because car rentals in this area are a good value, partly because the drives to Moab can be organized to traverse some of the most dramatic scenery of the American southwest, and partly because most of the sites worth visiting are at driving distance from Moab. Although tours from Moab to many of these are readily available (see the Activities page), most attendees will find it convenient to have a rental car.

Las Vegas is listed partly because those with extra days prior to or after ASIC can use the drive to or from Las Vegas to visit some of the world's most dramatic parks. The more northern route, via US 15, can allow visits to Zion, Bryce, and Capital Reef National Parks. The more southern route, using state highways, can allow visits to the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead and Glen canyon National Recreation Areas.




US Highway 70 has an exit 30 miles north of Moab via state highway 191. (See map above). This will be the route taken by most drivers.



Although some of the spectacular local sites can be reached by regular rental cars, there are others that are best approached with special vehicles, such as four wheel drives with high clearance. These special vehicles are typically used on organized tours (see the Activities Page), but are also easy to rent locally, as indicated on the discover Moab site.