Eleventh Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

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Hotel Nuraghe Arvu
Cala Gonone, Sardinia

[This section will be elaborated with additional information later]

In Sardinia the nearest access to Cala Gonone is via the city Olbia, a city that has the nearest Sardinia airport (see below). Some attendees will fly to Rome, take a shuttle/bus to Civataveccha and take a Moby ferry to Olbia (other ferries leave from other Italian cities). Others will fly all the way to Olbia. Most attendees will rent autos at Olbia (there are many international and local rental companies). A few attendees may want to take buses from Olbia to Cala Gonone: ARST buses run to Nuoro (#514) and thence to Cala Gonone (#520), via these schedules:

#514 Leaves Olbia Airport Arrives Nuoro
9:40 12:06
12:50 15:16
16:05 18:31
#520 Leaves Nuoro Arrives Cala Gonone
14:00 15:10
15:50 17:00
19:10 20:20

You will need to purchase the bus tickets before boarding. The ARST bus website (for other itineraries) is: http://www.arstspa.info/a.html For bus returns to the airport it is best to check after you arrive. In addition to ARST buses, I received information that Deplano buses (0784 29 50 30) leave Cala Gonone for the Olbia airport via Dorgali (4 per day 6:30am-1:15pm; €15, buy tickets onboard). Buses stop in front of the post office on Via Cala Luna and at the tourist office on Viale del Bue Marino. The tourist office is on Vle. del Bue Marino. (0784 93 278. Open M-Sa 8:15am-1:15pm.) Postal Code: 08020.

Airport and related travel:

Olbia is the main port for tourists to Sardinia and receives ferries from mainland Italy, as well as having its own airport. Olbia Airport has a modern airy terminal building renovated in 2004, with handicap facilities. In ‘arrivals’ are lost and found, cashpoints, Internet kiosks, and an information desk. The airport has stores, pharmacy, newspaper/bookstores, two banks, an open-aired cafe outside arrivals called the Kara Kiosk, a wine bar, a restaurant serving hot Italian dishes, and a business center.

Most travelers will rent a car, located in the arrivals hall: Autoeuropa, Avis, Easycar, Ellepi, Europcar, Eurorent, Hertz, Italy by Car, Maggiore, Matta, Midarent, Pinna, Ruvioli, Sardinya, Sixt and Smeralda Express. Get a quote as surprise additional charges can otherwise appear at the collection desk.

One can arrange alternatively for an airport transfer by a driver who meets you in arrivals, or somewhat expensive taxis (e.g. the fare from the airport to Olbia city centre just 3km away is €15). A less expensive option is to reserve a seat on a private shuttle bus so the cost is shared with your fellow passengers. Regular buses are always the least expensive option (information on buses to be filled in later).