Ninth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

ASIC 2010 Schedule


There will be a single speaking session each day except Sunday, starting on Saturday and ending Thursday, each with seven talks. These sessions will be held at the Old Stone Church across the street from the Phoenix Inn. We expect to need a poster session, and this will be held on Sunday at the Phoenix Inn. Information on submitting proposals for presentations (speaking or posters) is on the page of this website labeled “Talk and Poster Submissions". Please submit talk/poster information on the website, even if you have already sent (some of) this information to the organizer.

The conference will start with registration and a reception at the Old Stone Church from 3:30-4:15 on Saturday July 31. On subsequent days there will be drinks and light snacks from 16:00 - 16:15, followed by a session of seven spoken presentations that include a mid-session drink break.

On Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday there will be a catered dinner at the Old Stone Church immediately following the talks. Thursday is the conference banquet, with beer and wine included. On Sunday and Wednesday, attendees may take dinner at any of the nearby restaurants.