Ninth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference


Saturday, July 31: Old Stone Church.

4:15 Perception: Chair—Tom Busey
Busey, Tom Machine learning and fingerprints
Goldstone, Rob Education of perception
Ohnesorge, Clark Cross race effects
Palmer, Steve  Human color preferences
Prinzmetal, Bill Involuntary attention, contingent capture and IOR
Sperling, George Plaids and models of motion direction
Zeelenberg, Rene Emotion and low level vision
Dinner, Old Stone Church

Sunday, August 1: Phoenix Inn.

5:00 – 7:30 Poster Session (see listing below) + Snacks, refreshments.
Voting for best student poster. (Dinner not provided).

Monday, August 2: Old Stone Church

Refreshments, snacks
4:15 Groups and Crowds: Chair—Mark Steyvers
Mueller, Shane  Belief systems and group opinion
Nelson, Angela  Modeling influence and homophily in social networks
Steyvers, Mark Bayesian approaches to wisdom of crowds

Motor Systems
Kowler, Eileen  Time management in saccadic decisions
Pecher, Diane Motor affordance and visual working memory

Principled Cognitive Science
Brown, Gordon Rank principle in economics and psychology
Lombrozo, Tania Causal explanatory pluralism
Dinner, Old Stone Church

Tuesday, August 3: Old Stone Church

Refreshments, snacks
4:15 Memory 1: Chair—Markus Hofman
Hofman, Markus  Associative read-out model and recognition memory
Mackay, Don Visual cognition, memory, and amnesia (HM)
Murdock, Ben Terrace chaining paradigm
Colunga, Eliana Understanding word learning in early and late talkers

Neural Sciences: Chair—Barbara Dosher
Cowell, Rosie Inverse Inference of fMRI voxels
Dosher, Barbara Attention and judgment precision
Magne, Cyril Rhythm, silent reading and EEG
Dinner, Old Stone Church

Wednesday, August 4: Old Stone Church

Refreshments, snacks
4:15 Categorization: Chair—Vladimir Sloutsky
Jones, Matt  Phenomenology of dual learning systems
Kalish, Mike Multiple systems in categorization
Sloutsky, Vlad Selective attention and development of categorization

Models: Chair—Jay Myung
Donkin, Chris Modeling visual search
Griffiths, Tom Inductive biases and communication systems
Myung, Jay Adaptive design optimization
Jameson, Kim Tetrachromacy
Dinner not provided

Thursday, August 5: Old Stone Church

Refreshments, snacks
4:15 Memory 2: Chair—Amy Criss
Criss, Amy Item repetition and cued recall
Davelaar Eddy Modeling semantic fluency
Dennis, Simon What do cows drink?
Hemmer, Pernille Modeling individual differences in REM
Hintzman, Doug Fads and fallacies of memory
Huber, Dave Remote associates and word frequency
Shiffrin, Rich Co-evolution of knowledge and event memory
Banquet Dinner, Old Stone Church


Chapman, Allison Null LL effect in Sternberg Task
Cox, Greg Associative Knowledge and Episodic Memory
Denton, Stephen Priming across eye-movements
Emerson, Samantha Music aptitude and second language proficiency
Gangwani, Tarun Mutual exclusivity in statistical learning
Gibson, Steven Modeling language production and processing
Gordon, Reyna Rhythm and song perception
Halfmann, Kameko Emotion and perception of space
Hotaling, Jared Integrating information
Kachergis, George Statistical learning
Ketels, Shaw Labels don’t always help category learning
Kurczek, Jake Spatial frequencies and gender perception
Lee, Soo Young Attention and recurrence in lip reading
Osth, Adam Developmental changes in recognition memory
Rieth, Cory Adaptation to temporal statistics of spatial cuing
Vishnu Sreekumar Dimensionality of episodic images
Yim, Hyungwook Developing three way binding in episodic memory
Zhang, Xiaoyu Nighttime targeting via video simulation