Eighth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

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Travel To and About SARRE (AOSTA)

Aosta lies in the northwest corner of Italy, where Italy meets France and Switzerland, in a large and spectacular valley, termed Valle dí Aosta. The Valle has 13 major side valleys, and lies south of the massif containing Mt. Blanc (n/nw), Monte Rosa (n), the Matterhorn (ne) and north of Gran Paradiso. A major superhighway, A5, runs west to Aosta from Milan. (The Mt. Blanc tunnel to Chamonix lies northwest of Aosta, and the St. Bernard tunnel to Switzerland kies north of Aosta).

The easiest access is by air through Milan (probably Malpensa airport which lies to the west of Milan, making it even easier to reach Aosta). Aosta is 168 km from Milan, but somewhat closer from Malpensa. For travel from Milan to Aosta there are rail links (via Chivasso), and bus links, but many attendees will probably rent autos. Once at the conference, autos will make it much more convenient to visit sites scattered around the large Valle dí Aosta. Note that there is an airport in Aosta (Corrado Rex), and other nearby airports include Turin (Caselle) 121 km, and Geneva (Cointrin) 151 km.

For those attendees going to Amsterdam after ASIC for the Cognitive Science and Mathematical Psychology conferences, flights from Milan are plentiful, but drives through the alps, even via the Mt. Blanc or St. Bernard tunnels, provide beautiful vistas. Driving distances to other cities include: Turin 114 km; Genoa 247 km; Chamonix, France (via Mt. Blanc Tunnel) 57 km; Martigny Switzerland (via Great St. Bernard Tunnel) 76 km; Amsterdam 1050 km; Geneva 134 km; Paris 668 km.