Eighth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference



ASIC 2009 will be held at Etoile du Nord (http://www.etoiledunord.it/default_ENG.asp). We have placed a hold on 40 rooms. After Nov. 30, these may be released to the general public, so early reservations are essential. Bookings made late may still be offered at the conference rate (if any are available—if all are gone, lodging in other nearby hotels will be needed). It is safest to reserve early—full refunds of the deposit will be possible until March 1.

Booking requires a 20% deposit, and Lodging reservations should be made early. Bookings can be made by email at office@terramica.eu, or by fax at +39.030.3758444. An initial deposit of 20% is required at booking.