Eighth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference


ASIC 2009 Tentative Schedule

(Note: Speaker order within session to be chosen later)
For tentative timing, breaks, and meals, see “ASIC Format”

Wednesday, July 22: Memory Symposium -- Chair: Steve Lewandowski
   Lewandowski, Steve -- Working Memory and Categorization
   Camos, Valerie and Barrouillet, Pierre – Time Based Resource Sharing
   Oberauer, Klaus – Complex Span and Time Based Resource Sharing
   Brown, Gordon – Expanding Ratio Models of Memory
   Dunn, John – Tests of 2-D Models of Source Memory
   Criss, Amy – Linking Diffusion Models to Memory Models
   Murdock, Ben – TODAM Working Memory Model for Short-term Serial Memory

Thursday, July 23: Vision and Perception – Chair: George Sperling
   Wade, Alex – Population Coding in Early Vision
   Pouget, Alex – Inference in Population Coding with Divisive Normalization
   Sperling, George, et al – Windsurfers and Runways: Analysis of an Illusion
   Davelaar, Eddy – Sequential Effects in Flanker Tasks
   Cowell, Rosie – Virtual Brain Reading: Connectionist Analysis of fMRI
   Bavelier, Daphne – Action Video Game Playing as a Perceptual Learning Tool
   Neumann, Ewald – Working Memory and Visual Attention

Friday, July 24: Bayes meets Cog Sci Symposium – Chair: Noah Goodman
   Goodman, Noah – Non Modularity of the Bayesian Mind
   Vul, Ed – Bayesian Inference Based on Limited Sampling
   Tenenbaum, Josh – Bayesian Models of Object Tracking in Human Adults and Infants
   Shiffrin, Richard – Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Function Estimation
   Kalish, Mike – Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Function Learning
   Lee, Mike – Bayesian Analyses of Diffusion Models
   Brown, Scott – Bayesian Analyses of Hick’s Law

Saturday. July 25: Poster Session plus Cognitive Science
Poster Session
   Chambaron, Stephanie, et al –
        1) Pace and Time in Sequence Learning
        2) Implicit Learning in Serial RT and Continuous Tracking (and fMRI?)
   Hemmer, Pernille – The Influence of Prior Knowledge on Memory for Scenes
   Eidels, Ami – Modeling of Aging and Workload Capacity
   Bailey, Charles – Matching Language and Cognition with the Natural World
   Burns, Devin – Facial Perception as a Configural Process
   Dietz, Kristina, et al – Mirror Effects in a Modified Directed Forgetting Procedure (Item-method)
   Hotaling, Jared – Information Integration in Perceptual Decision Making
   Kachergis, George – Modeling Frequency and Context Effects in Statistical Learning
Cognitive Science: Chair: Dave Huber
   McKoon, Gail, & Ratcliff, Roger – RT Slowing with Age—a Diffusion Analysis
   Vandekerckhove, Joachim, et al – Diffusion Analysis of Semantic Categorization
   Huber, Dave et al – Behavioral and Electrophysiological Studies of Semantic Satiation

Sunday, July 26: Outstanding Science; Chair: Axel Cleeremans
   Cleeremans, Axel, et al – Learning to be Conscious: A Model of Awareness
   Kouider, Sid – Neural and Behavioral Bases of Awareness in Prelinguistic Infants
   Jerome Sackur – Conscious access and categorical processing
Word Learning
   Sloutsky, Vladimir – Learning Words from Context: Early Word Learning
Sentence Representation
   Frank, Stefan – A Syntax-free Account of Syntactic Effects on Reading Time
   Katsikopoulos, Konstantino – Signal Detection Analysis of the Less-is-More Effect

Monday, July 27: Excellent Science – Chair: Brad Love
   Love, Brad et al – The Concrete Substrates of Seemingly Abstract Behaviors
   Jones, Matt – Selective attention in Category Learning and Reinforcement Learning
Methodology and Bayes
   Heathcote, Andrew – Bayesian Analysis of Memory Retention
   French, Bob – The Perils of Constrained Randomization
   Schneider, Werner et al – Humans and Humanoids: on Cognitive Science
   Simsek, Ozgur – Behavioral Building Blocks for Autonomous Agents