Eighth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference


A very useful resource is the website: http://www.regione.vda.it/turismo/default_e.asp

(Click Eng at the top if you are given the Italian version.)

One can also try: http://www.regione.vda.it/default_f.asp

I invite you to explore this extensive website at leisure. Eventually we may add more specific information here, but for now the websites above give more than sufficient information about all aspects of the region and activities.

For some pictures about scenes available in the various Aosta side valleys, see the Travel Page on this website.

For the adventure and leisure minded, I note that the available activities, either self guided or available as tours with guides, include:

Cable Car tour up and over the Mt Blanc Massif to Chamonix :

ASIC 2009 Activities

Let me note that the website lists and describes (with maps) approximately 338 walks (not counting the many multiday treks possible).

ASIC 2009 Activities ASIC 2009 Activities

Via Ferrata

ASIC 2009 Activities

Rock Climbing

ASIC 2009 Activities
ASIC 2009 Activities


ASIC 2009 Activities

Bicycling and Mountain Biking


ASIC 2009 Activities





ASIC 2009 Activities


Summer Skiing


Horse Riding

Adventure Parks

Hot Air Ballooning

For rock climbing, let me refer the reader to: http://www.worldtopo.com/masreg.php?regn=238 This site describes about 50 or so rock climbing areas in the Aosta Valley.

For culture, the region is replete with old castles, museums, and historical sites. There are also many events. The website lists many such possibilities.