ASIC 2008
Seventh Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference



We have placed a hold on all rooms and suites at the hotel. The following prices are per person per day, and include half board per person (breakfast and dinner, as described in the MEALS link on this website).

Lodging reservations should be made early, because space is limited and we expect a large attendance. For the hotel website see Reservations can be made by contacting the hotel. The hotel emails are and The telephone number is (0)465-441051. The fax is: (0)465-440760. There is also a reservation link on the hotel website. Reservations can be made by [TO BE FILLED IN LATER].

Attendees who attempt to reserve after Hotel Touring has booked all available space will be booked into an adjacent hotel, at similar rates (but all meals will still be taken at Hotel Touring).