The airport on Kalymnos is now open. Olympic Airways runs all flights. Flights to Kalymnos go to and from the Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos. The flight schedule is unlikely to change much in 2007, so the present schedule information may be useful:

From Athens to Kalymnos:

Monday: 1 flight at 13.35 (stop over at Astypalea Island).
Tuesday: 2 flights: 1) 08.40 direct; 2) 13.35 via Astypalea island.
Wednesday: 1 flight direct at 12.10.
Thursday, exactly the same as Tuesday.
Friday, exactly the same as Wednesday.
Saturday: 1 flight at 12:10 via Astypalea island.
Sunday: 1 flight direct at 12.10
Return flights to Athens are about 45 minutes after the arrival time. Scheduling of these, and the possibility of other inter-island flights will be added here when the information becomes available.


From Athens

Those with sufficient time could be interested in ferries from Athens. There is at least one per day to Kalymnos except on Saturday. There are two ferry companies that connect Kalymnos to Athens and to some other major islands: GA FERRIES and BLUE STAR FERRIES. GA FERRIES boats are slow and of worse quality, but a lot cheaper. The schedule last summer (2006) from Athens (Piraeus port) was:

Mon, Wed, Fri GA FERRIES at 17.00 (13-14 hours).
Returns next day about21.00 (they are never on time)
Tue and Thu BLUE STAR FERRIES at 18.00 (9 hours).
Returns next day ~17.00.
Fri and Sun BLUE STAR FERRIES at 17.30 (9 hours).
Returns next AM at 05.00.
Sun BLUE STAR FERRIES at 18.00 (9 hours).
Returns next day ~17.00.

From Kos

Before Kalymnos Airport opened it was common to fly to Kos and take a 45 minute ferry to Kalymnos. This route will probably not be used much now.



Buses connect all parts of the island. There is a bus station exactly outside the conference hotel from which buses can be taken to all parts of the island. A one-way ticket costs about 1 EURO.


Taxis are easy to find. From the hotel a taxi can be ordered and arrives in around 5 minutes. Costs depend on distances, but to give some idea, a taxi from the hotel to the port costs around 7-8 EURO. A taxi from the hotel to Vathi, a distance of about 20 Km costs around 20 EURO. A taxi from the hotel to Massouri costs around EURO 5.


There are several rental companies. E.g. AVIS with telephone numbers: 003022430-47430 or 47797, or BUDGET with telephone numbers: 003022430-24202 or 29939.


This is a common form of transportation on the island. One rental possibility is Stefanos Gerakios, telephone numbers: 003022430-48327 or 48290.

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