There will be a single speaking session each day, except Saturday, which will have posters for the first half session. Information on submitting proposals for presentations (speaking or posters) is on the page of this website labeled 'Talk and Poster Submissions". Please submit talk/poster information on the website, even if you have already sent (some of) this information to the organizer

The conference will start with registration and a reception from 15:30-16:30 on Tuesday, June 26. On subsequent days (except Saturday) there will be drinks and light snacks from 16:15 - 16:30, followed by a session of seven spoken presentations that include a mid-session drink break. The first half session on Saturday will be devoted to poster presentations, and will have drinks and snacks available for this period.

Following the sessions, there will be a buffet dinner at the hotel on Wednesday, Friday, and the final banquet on Sunday. The attendees are on their own for dinner on the other nights. Note however, that there is a planned excursion by 'pirate boat' to a beach for a mid-day BBQ lunch on Thursday. Details are in the section 'Meals'. Let the hotel know if you wish to join this excursion.

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