Whether you would prefer to give a talk or poster, and whether you have already sent some of this information to the organizer by email, please provide on the link below a list of authors (with the presenter indicated), their affiliations, and emails; a title, and an abstract (limit 250 words). These may be changed later, so do not hesitate to send them as early as possible. The organizer will use these to organize the sessions. Please go to the submission form to indicate your preference for talks or posters.

The spoken talks are absolutely limited to 30 minutes, a time that includes interruptions for questions, and final discussion. It would be best to plan for twenty minutes of actual speaking. The talks should be aimed not at specialists, but at a general scientific audience. Poster details are given below.

Saturday, June 30

Present indications make it likely that there may be 60 or more participants, far too many for the approximately 42 speaking slots. We therefore have planned a poster session for Saturday, June 30, to begin at 16:00 and running until 18:00. A half session of talks will follow. Drinks and snacks will be made available throughout this poster period.

Participants giving posters should affix them to the allotted spaces (see below for details) before this time. There may be no harm, and perhaps some gain, in having posters up prior to Saturday.

Organizers of topical sessions should discuss with their session participants whether any might be able to give posters rather than talks, and so inform the organizer.

Given insufficient volunteerism, the organizer will decide who is assigned to speaking slots and posters. (Someone assigned a poster, but unwilling, should email the organizer to discuss options).

Poster Details

Size: Posters should be no larger than 33" (or 85 cm) wide by 48" (or 120 cm) high. One can allow an extra blank inch or so of border on the top and bottom of the poster for the taping.

Method of attachment: Blue painters tape will be available on site to affix the posters to the walls (do not use any other method to attach to the walls).

Location of posters: The conference room walls can accommodate up to about 17 posters. If there is need for more, there is wall space on the nearby veranda.

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