Sessions and Schedule

Order within session to be determined by session chairs

Timing of talks will be carried out fanatically by session chairs (with prodding by the ASIC organizer, who will also time when the session chair speaks)

Talks are listed by presenter rather than by co-authors (who in many cases carried out the research)

(Titles have been truncated in some cases)

Tuesday, June 26:

16:30-18:00:Memory I: (Chair of I and II: Jeroen Raaijmakers)
Malmberg, Ken:Individual Differences in Dynamics of Recognition Memory
Huber, Dave:A Model of Recall Separating Measurement, Memory, Correlation
Heathcote, Andrew:On the Causes of Forgetting
18:15-19:45:Memory II
Dunn, John:A Dual Process Model of Recognition Memory: State Trace Analysis
Davelaar, Eddy:Retrieval Dynamics in Free Recall
Raaijmakers, Jeroen:Do Stronger Items Show More Retrieval Inhibition?
19:45-20:15:Business Meeting (plus slide show for ASIC 2008): Richard Shiffrin

Wednesday, June 27:

16:30-18:00:Representation/ Philosophy of Science I(Chair: Colin Allen)
Beer, Randy:Representational Skepticism and Brain-Body- Environment Systems
Aizawa, Ken:Representation and Cognition
Shapiro, Lawrence:Representation and Philosophy of Science
18:15-19:25:Representation II
Allen, Colin:Representations in the Spinal Cord?
Ramsey, Bill:Defending Representational Skeptics
Wilson, Rob:Brief Commentary
19:25-20:15:Intention and Distribution (Chair: Axel Cleeremans)
Bowers, Jeff:Fundamental Problems with PDP theories of STM and Cognition
Cleeremans, Axel:Time, Intention, and Awareness of Action

Thursday, June 28:

16:30-18:00:Language, Text, Reading I (Chair: Mark Steyvers)
Steyvers, Mark:Google and the Mind: Predicting Fluency with PageRank
Edelman, Shimon:Structure from Statistics: Computational Basis of Language
Monaghan, Padraic:Arbitrariness of Form-Meaning Mappings
18:15-19:15:Language, Text II
Frank, Stefan:Connectionist Semantic Systematicity
Mckoon, Gail:Psycholinguistic and Corpus Investigations of Verbal Event Structures
19:15-20:15:Reading and Lexical Decision (Chair: Jo Ziegler)
Pagliuca, Giovanni:Dissociating Reading and Lex. Decision: Neglect Dyslexia
Ziegler, Jo:Nested Incremental Modeling in the CDP+ Model of Reading Aloud

Friday, June 29:

16:30-18:00:Perception: (Chair: Andrew Cohen)
Cohen, Andrew:Exploring Mass Ratio Perception with Psychological MCMC
Weidemann, Christoph:Prime Diagnosticity in Repetition Priming
Bocanegra, Bruno:Emotion Improves and Impairs Perception
18:15-19:45:Interesting Science: (Chair: Steve Lewandowski)
Lewandowski, Steve:Categorization and Partitioned Function Learning
Ratcliff, Roger:Diffusion Model Analyses of Aging
Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan:A REM Model for Animal Decision

Saturday, June 30:

16:00-18:15:Refreshments and Poster Session
Beer, Randy:Synaptic Plasticity and Learning in Evolved Neural Circuits
Busey, Tom:Elderly Temporal Processing in Vision, Taction, Audition
Cohen, Andrew:Modeling Visual Classification with Bayesian Networks
Destrebecqz, Arnaud:Automatic Priming and Conscious Expectancy
Gold, Jason:A Technique for Measuring Single-Item Identification Efficiencies
Hemmer, Pernille:The Effect of General Knowledge on Memory for Events
Karayanides, Frini:Optimizing Anticipatory Task-Set Reconfiguration
Myung, Jay:Response Scaling and Relation of the GCM and Prototype Models
Neufeld, Richard:4-T Event-Related Study of Connectivity in Schizophrenia
Ohnesorge, Clark:Does Language Affect Color Processing?
Sarrazin, Jean-Christophe:Psychological Hysteresis in Sudden Awareness
Von Muehlenen, Adrian:Intertrial Priming and Attention to Color Changes
18:15-20:15:Attention and Vision:(Chair: George Sperling)
Enns, Jim:Rapid Resumption of a Visual Search
Palmer, John:Using Foils to Measure Spatial Tuning Functions for Visual Attention
Sperling, George:A General Computational Theory of Visual Spatial Attention
Zorzi, Marco:Attention via Saccades: The Premotor Theory of Spatial Attention

Sunday, July 1:

16:30-18:00:Learning: (Chair: Mike Kalish)
Kalish, Mike:Iterated Learning, Diffusion Chains and Cultural Evolution
Klein, Krystal:What You See is What You Learn
Nelson, Angela:How Experience Shapes Memory
18:15-18:45:Neural Synchrony
Nikolic, Danko:The Role of Neuronal Synchrony in Brightness Perception
18:45-19:45:Model Inference: (Chair: Rich Shiffrin)
Shiffrin, Rich:Model Selection for Individuals when Data is Limited
Kim, Woojae:Hierarchical Model Selection and Individual Differences

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