Climate, Weather, Clothing

The weather in Andalsnes is almost always quite pleasant in July. High temperatures are generally about 18 C, or 65 F. Because sunlight extends almost 24 hours, low temperatures do not differ very much from these highs. In addition, although the nearby mountains rise almost 6000 ft from the fjords, this elevation difference is not sufficient to cause large temperature differences, except in bad weather.

Fjordland is on the west coast of Norway, facing the North Atlantic, so that even in July it is relatively common to find unsettled weather, usually for short stretches of time. Some precipitation occurs on about half the days of the month, for at least a brief period, but only on about eight days does more than 0.12 inches fall and only on about two days does more than 0.4 inches fall. Nonetheless, it is important to bring clothing for the possibility of rain and wind, and at least some clothes for possible cool conditions. For those going on hikes or other outdoor activities, especially away from roads, or high in the mountains, be sure to bring appropriate protective clothing, in case poor weather moves in.

On days with particularly poor weather in Andalsnes, it is usually possible to drive inland, up the Romsdal valley, toward Bjorli and Dombas, and reach good weather after 30-40 km.

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