The ASIC Yahoo! Group

A Yahoo! group has been set up for ASIC in order to provide attendees with the ability to find potential roommates and activity partners, and coordinate ride or rental car sharing for the conference this summer.


  1. Follow the link
  2. In order to post messages or reply to others' messages, you must join the ASIC Yahoo! group. Click on the text "Join this group", which should appear on the upper right.
  3. This will take you to a login screen. If you have any kind of Yahoo! account (mail, chat, photo, etc.), then you will be able to login here. If not, you will be able to quickly and easily sign up for an account by clicking the text "Sign up now."
  4. Once you have logged in, return to the ASIC2005 group page. Make selections on the left sidebar menu in order to read or post messages.
  5. Optional: Click on "Edit my membership" to modify if and when Yahoo! Groups sends messages to your registered email address.

Contact Krystal ( you have any questions or concerns about the forum.

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