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Briançon has an historic old walled city called Vauban to the south/southeast of the new city and the hotel. The Hotel is on Avenue du Dauphine which is an extension of Avenue de Provence which is an extension of N94.

Briançon is at an altitude of 1200 meters, sitting at the start of a valley, Serre Chevalier, that rises steadily in elevation to the northwest following route N91. On the west side of this valley is France’s 4th largest ski resort, with four cable cars spaced along the valley: at Briançon (1200 m to top at Prorel, 2360 m), Chantamerle (1350 m to top at Serre Chevalier 2491 m), Villeneuve (1400 m to top at 2300 m)) and Monetier (1500 m to a top at 2177 m). These cable cars are open in the summer. There are also mountains on the east side of the valley (without cable cars) ranging from 2000 m to 3000 m in height.

There is a large wilderness/mountain park not far to the west of Briançon (just over the initial range of ski mountains) called Parc National des Ecrins, with many high peaks, topped by Barre des Ecrins at 4102 m. There is another park not far to the southeast of Briançon called Parc Naturel Regional du Queyras. Both parks are replete with botanical treasures, wildlife, scenery, trails, and so forth.

You can learn more about Briançon on the city's tourism site:


The area has numerous opportunities for leisure activities. There is a tennis club, swimming club, bowling, and a large health club/fitness center. The real attractions of the area are the many types of outdoor adventure. Both the Tour de France and the Giro (Tour of Italy) typically are routed through Briançon, and go over its various nearby mountain passes, giving bicyclists opportunities to mimic their favorite heros. In addition, there are a large number of marked bike touring routes (VTT). There are hiking trails everywhere, some right from town, though the most impressive are probably in and about the two national parks. There are quite a few Via Ferrata in the near area. There is sailing at Lac de Serre Poncon (Europe’s largest lake) an hour or so south of Briançon. There is rafting, kayaking, airboats, canyoneering, parapenting, mountaineering, rock climbing, and caving, among other activities, with plentiful firms and local guides to take people on these activities.

Rogier van Rijn (, the brother of one of our attendees, Hedderik van Rijn, is in training near Briancon to be a guide. He has offered his help and advice to our conference participants. He prepared some information about activities in the Briancon area, which follows. Feel free to contact him for more information of all kinds. (Click to access the pamphlet in pdf format)

Possible activities in Briançon:

HikingBikingVia Ferrata
MountaineeringFitness/HealthClubRock Climbing
Air boatsCanyoneeringBowling
Wildlife/botanical touringSwimmingCaving

Firms/Guides/Stores (Briançon)


The Michelin 1:200000 Regional Map 523 covers the Briancon area and will be useful. The local 1:25000 topographic maps of use include the iGN maps 3535OT and 3436ET (Ecrins National Park), 3537ET and 3637OT (Queyras National park) and 3536OT (Briancon imediate area).

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